Reading Adobe Acrobat PDF files. A simple easy-to-understand guide to the Adobe Acrobat reader and PDF ebooks

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PDF Files

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Reading Adobe Acrobat PDF files

Tips for easy navigation and comfortable reading of PDF files, including e-books. Reading PDF files is a joy when you understand the features.

#1 tip: Upgrade Acrobat
Upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Yes, really - it makes all the difference!
Get Adobe Acrobat
             Reader Free

(Maybe you don't even have this excellent plug-in yet? You need it because:

  • PDF files are common and convenient
  • you need Adobe Acrobat to read the PDF files in Google results
  • Adobe Acrobat works with all computers and operating systems.)

Help with downloading Adobe Acrobat

Use the bookmarks to find the information you want
The PDF e-book will probably start with bookmarks showing:
Acrobat Bookmarks

To show or hide the bookmarks, just click on the second icon in the menu bar:
Acrobat Bookmark icon.

Hover over a bookmark and you'll see the complete text:

Click on the triangle beside a bookmark

and you might see nested bookmarks within that chapter:

Click on a bookmark and you'll go straight to the relevant section:

Two ways to hide the bookmarks after you're finished with them - #1:

#2: Or click again on the navigation icon:
Acrobat Bookmark icon.

Other ways to move around a PDF e-book
1. Select the hand:
Acrobat Hand icon.

And drag with your finger pressing the mouse button:
Acrobat Fist icon.

2. Use the scroll bar to move up and down the document, just as you would with a web page or a text document.
Acrobat Scrolling.

3. Use the arrows in the top menu bar.
Just hold the mouse over any arrow, and its purpose is obvious.
Previous page.

4. Choose "fit in window" and use the Page Up and Page Down keys. (Also a handy feature when you are showing a PDF as a presentation.)
Fit to screen.

Choose big print for easy reading on screen
When you hide the bookmarks, the page fills the screen.
Bookmark icon.

Then the print is wonderfully easy to read:
Acrobat Big font.

Another way to make the page fill the screen - click the "fit width" icon:
Acrobat Fit Width.

Just play!
It's dead simple. Acrobat Reader has many features, and it works intuitively. It follows common conventions. Enjoy this user-friendly way of reading.

© 2002 Rachel McAlpine
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Speed up Acrobat

If you dread opening PDF files found in search results because of Acrobat Reader's painfully sluggish startup time, Click Here.

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