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Earn Cash with Profitable Affiliate Programs

How would you like to earn some easy cash?

That's a simple question to answer if you are like me. Absolutely! Of course there is no such thing as easy cash so how can I say that? Well � until late 2000 I operated a milling machine in a rubber factory ... Its easy cash to me.

Affiliate programs or associate programs offer you an opportunity to cash in on the hard work already put into an established product or service. You become part of their sales force although you more than likely don't have to do any selling. It can be as simple as putting a link on your website or in you email signature, or you can build a massive website just to promote an affiliate program.

Affiliate programs made as simple as 1-2-3!

Before you even look into an affiliate program you should know how to promote them. You will be happy to find that it cost very little to obtain the tools necessary to become an affiliate program success.

1- Take a Free Course from the Master of Affiliate Programs - Ken Evoy

Click here and send a blank email to receive The Affiliate Masters course... It's an intensive 5-Day email course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion.

Although I am trying to make this section free, I do hope you have already purchased the �Bible of Selling on the Net� � MYSS! You saw from that work that Ken believes in over-delivering as a marketing tool.

2- I'm going to give you something of great value absolutely free! It is Ken's 224-page 5 Pillar Affiliate Manual. All you have to do is join his free affiliate program. You will also receive Free Ultimate Link Tracker software and a killer newsletter. This is easily worth over $100!

Click here for more information about the 5 Pillar Club.

3- Take another Free Course to get an idea how to write for the Web.

Click here and send a blank email to receive The Netwriting Masters course... It's an intensive 5-Day Net writing email course that shows you how to become an effective e-persuader.
affiliate programs
WebPosition, TrafficSeeker, Dr. Nunley, Make Your Site Sell!

Affiliate Programs - My recommendations ...

The first thing you should do is to find programs that fit your interest and fit in with your other products then you should make sure they pay a good commission and offer you support. My recommendations have great support.

MYSS! - You have probably guessed that Ken Evoy's programs are high on my list. I use these products more than I promote them. I just feel that they are a must have if you are serious about making money on the Web.

Requirements: Free to join for a limited time. No purchase necessary. The affiliate program will close to new affiliates soon.

Click here for more on the Site Sell! line of products.

WebPosition Gold has been my main product for years. It's a great product with brand recognition and excellent support. These are all things that you want in an affiliate program. Perhaps the most important thing is they pay up to 40% commission!

There 2 levels, Referral Partner and Dealer.

  • Referral Partner- Earn 15% of all sales resulting from visitors you referred to the WebPosition Web site for as long as you remain a Partner. Simply add a link to our site - could it be any easier?
    • NO selling
    • NO sign up fee to get started!
  • WebPosition Dealer- If you're serious about starting a business and making some real money on the Web, then becoming a Dealer (i.e.: reseller) will make you 30%-40% from every sale!
    • No merchant account required. We'll process your orders.
    • Sign up dealers yourself.
    • Cost to join is $149 which includes a copy of WebPosition Gold, a professional designed web site, and everything else you need to be a successful affiliate.

The cool thing about WebPosition is you can use it to promote it. It's a self-promoter. Smiley face

Click here for more on the WebPosition Affiliate Program.

TrafficSeeker is catching up with WebPosition as far as generating a lot of cash. It is in very high demand because it blows away all the competition. It pays it's dealers 50% and has a great interface for it's dealers. You can also get a web site with this affiliate program.

Click here for more on the TrafficSeeker Affiliate Program.

[Editor's note] If building and hosting your own web site seems to be beyond your technical expertise you may want to look into Site Build It! All the technical stuff is taken care of so you can focus on building profits! Click here for more.
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