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Long Domain Names

Domain names recently changed from 23 to 67 max character length. Long domain names offer an opportunity to boost sales.

Long domain names can increase profits.

You can stuff keywords into your domain name which some of the major search engine rank higher. If you tried this with the 23 character limitation you know how hard it was. For more information on keyword phrases and search engine ranking read what WebPosition Gold has to say here: Picking the best keywords/phrases

Long Domain Name Examples

Catchy Phrase


Note that search engines like hyphens between the keywords and people don't.

Long Company Names

Do you think Corey Rudl hesitated on this one!

The Time is NOW to Register

The chances to get great domain names are good now but you can bet they will be scooped up quickly. Good .com domain names have been rare lately so there will surely be a feeding frenzy. Starting to get ideas yet?

Register Your Domain Names Now

You can go to the site below and search for your ideal domain name and save money over registration with Network Solutions. Just type in you first domain name and click.
Register Your Domain and Save!
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Online marketing and 
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