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1. Introduction

2. Feature Article - Grand Opening Sale

3. Service Review - A New Twist on PPC

4. Add Horsepower to IE - Google and Alexa Toolbar Add-ons

5. Product Review - "Web Site Power System"

6. Doctor's Advice - "Opt-in or Spam-What's the Difference?"

7. Rant - Spam

8. Useful Links


1- Introduction

I'm excited about this issue. It contains a sale announcement and
a lot of killer information for you to download. You can hardly
find $0.05 keywords at Overture, but I'll show where you can.
Find out how to let Internet Explorer tell you about your
competition and more.

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter. Questions and
comments are welcome. If there's anything you would like to see,
please let me know. Enjoy!

-The Editor
The FlashMarketing Newsletter

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2- Feature Article


Instead of a marketing article this month, I'm going to give you
something very valuable. If you've done any surfing on my site,
you've probably noticed I highly recommend Ken Evoy's SiteSell

To celebrate the launch of "The FlashMarketing Newsletter" and to
give you a gift for subscribing, I've arranged a 2-for-1 special.
You can buy a SiteSell product and get a second one of equal or
lesser value FREE. You could save over $300.00!


 * Get 2 different products at a discount.

 * Give the second one to an associate.

 * Two of you could go in and get a 50% discount! You each could
   save $150.00 on Site Build It!  *BEST DEAL*


I'm giving you a whole month notice. The beginning of the sale
will be announced in the next issue on May 20. Until then I want
to introduce you to the SiteSell products. Several of the products
have free trials so you can make the most of the sale with
knowledge of what you will get.

Just because they're free, don't take them lightly. Ken believes
in over-delivering. That includes the trials. Always make the
customer feel they got more than they expected. He also believes
in a great guarantee.

[Note] The trials and the products require the free Adobe
Acrobat Reader 3.0 or greater. You can download version 5 here:

Download Acrobat Reader 5.0

When you download the trial, you should save it to your desktop.
If you don't know how to do this you can download this tutorial
showing how to install the MYSS!2002 trial.

Download Tutorial


[Note] SiteSell is a Canadian company so the given USD prices may
fluctuate. The weak Canadian dollar gives you an added discount.
Some products also use Dynamic Pricing. You can find out about
that at the website.

 * Make Your Site Sell 2002! (MYSS!2002) - $25.14
    This is the program that started it all. It is regarded as
    the "Bible of selling on the Net." Keep MYSS!2002 handy. It's
    your "Internet marketing instruction manual." Just updated.

      "MYSS! 2002 takes OVER-delivering to a whole new level.
       MYSS! 2002 is absolutely superb - the essential manual
       for anyone selling anything on the Net."

       -Allan Gardyne

    Download the Free MYSS!2002 Trial

    If downloading directly from email causes problems - Click Here

    MYSS!2002 WebSite Click Here

 * Make Your Knowledge Sell! (MYKS!) - 49.71
    The easiest way to make a ton of money online is with a
    digital product. Once you produce it the COPS (cost of
    products sold) is almost $0. That's my kind of margin! There
    is a book in everyone. There is something in you that people
    will pay for. MYKS! will show you how to create and publish
    it, and also how to market and sell it.

    MYKS! WebSite Click Here

 * Make Your Price Sell! (MYPS!) - $88 (Dynamic Pricing)
    Try to sell your product at a real bargain and people might
    not take it seriously. Overprice it and rocket sales ...
    higher perceived value. Confused? Let MYPS! help you. It's a
    lot cheaper than a $10,000 pricing consultant!

    Download Free MYPS! Trial (instructions above)

    MYPS! WebSite Click Here

 * Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!) - $20 (Dynamic Pricing)
    Fancy sites with graphics, Flash and such don't  sell ...
    words do. This is most overlooked fact on the Internet. Get
    MYWS! and blow past your competition!

    MYWS! WebSite Click Here

 * Make Your Net Auction Sell! (MYNAS!) - $20 (Dynamic Pricing)
    I'm sure you heard the buzz on ebay! It may be your dream
    home based business. Little startup cost and you probably
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    way to make a living with MYNAS!

    MYNAS! WebSite Click Here

 * Site Build It! - $300.76/yr.
    This is a complete system that makes it easy for anyone to
    build a website without using html or cgi. Search engine
    positioning and PPC management is taken care of. The
    technical stuff is all done behind the scene. There's too
    much to list here so be sure to visit the site. We have
    created a slide show to give you an idea of what Site Build
    It! is all about. Click Here

If you are like me when you click on a banner or other
advertising link, you take a look at the site and have no trouble
hitting the back button. You know you clicked on an ad.

Site Build It! changes all that. You make your content presell
before you offer a link, so the visitor arrives with a warm,
willing-to-buy attitude.

You don't have to buy Site Build It! to discover the secrets of
Preselling. I'm going to give you the SBI! Action Guide - "Make
Your Content PRESell!" Please do yourself a favor and download
this *FREE* book. It may be your doorway to Internet success.

Click the link below and download the self-extracting PDF file to
your desktop, then double click on it.

Download “Make Your Content Presell!"

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3- Service Review


Sumantra Roy, search engine positioning guru, and owner of 1st
Search Engine Ranking.com has started a new and valuable service.
It's a PPC program, but unlike Overture or Google, you only pay
5 cents/click.

1st Search is a top SEO company but the prices, starting at $1499,
are a bit high for a small business on a limited budget. Although
Sumantra had to increase the initial deposit from $150 to $500
because of the large demand for this service, it is still a great
deal. You get 10,000 highly targeted visitors for $500.


They own the domain and optimize it for your keywords. Clicks are
tracked by an independent 3rd party tracking service.


 * Top spots in Overture and Google's AdWords Select for good
   keywords are far more than 5 cents.

 * Major search engines display the PPC (pay-per-click) under a
   heading such as "Sponsored Sites" or "Featured Sites" which
   are thought of as Ads. The 1st Search program is part of the
   regular results and produce a better conversion rate.

 * The title and descriptions are not governed by the PPC SE. You
   will have better titles and descriptions so you get more
   targeted traffic increasing the value of the click.

 * Overture doesn't allow you to link using an affiliate link,
   1st Search does.

Find out all about this exciting new program at:
1st Search Engine Ranking.com

I wouldn't wait too long on this one.

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4- Add Horsepower to IE


System Requirements:

 * Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
 * Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or later

This is a free toolbar that automatically appears along with the
Internet Explorer toolbar. It is very handy to have a Google
search form available at any time. Here is the list of features:

 * GOOGLE SEARCH: Access Google's search technology from any web

 * SEARCH SITE: Search only the pages of the site you're visiting.

 * PAGERANK: See Google's ranking of the current page.

 * PAGE INFO: Access more information about a page including
   similar pages, pages that link back to that page, as well as a
   cached snapshot.

 * HIGHLIGHT: Highlight your search terms as they appear on the
   page; each word in its own color.

 * WORD FIND: Find your search terms wherever they appear on the

You can customize the layout to include such things as "Google
Groups" and "Image Search." Find out all about it at: Google.com


System Requirements:

 * Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
 * Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or later

Alexa is continually crawling all publicly available web sites to
create a series of snapshots of the Web. They use the data they
collect to create features and services that are integrated parts
of the Alexa service:

 * Site Data: Provides information, news, and statistics about web

 * Archive of the Web: Serves pages that are no longer available,
   virtually eliminating dead links.

 * Related Links: Sites that are similar to the one you are
   currently viewing.

The Alexa Toolbar allows you to instantly see site statistics,
contact info, and related links for the sites you visit! It
provides you with information about the sites you visit and
suggest other sites to see. Find out all about it at:Alexa.com

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5. Product Review


I just got an email from Marlon Sanders, the colorful marketing
guru that came to fame after he wrote the "Amazing Formula that
Sells Products Like Crazy!"

As it turns out Microsoft has just promoted the "Web Site Power
System" product in their April Bulletin. Marlon is quite excited.
That's the kind of endorsement we all dream about. He sent me a
copy of the program when it was first published. I was impressed
at how he showed you in a step-by-step way almost everything you
need to know to put up a killer marketing website.

If you happen to be new to marketing on the Internet, the
"Web Site Power System" just may be of value to you. It will
save you time, money, and energy by showing you the things
you are going to need anyway.

If you've been around awhile you probably know most of it through
trial and error. This product is designed for beginners. It is
*NOT* a highly detailed technical manual. It's for executives and
business owners (or potential ones) who want a quick, no-bull
read that gets them up-to-speed and knowledgeable fast.

It contains tutorials and instructions for all the things
you need to know.  You will find it here: WebSite Power System

Here is what you'll discover:

* How to load up and use your sequential autoresponders.

* How to put an opt-in form on your web site.

* How to upload pages to your web site using ftp.

* How to get FREE instant chat software for customer service
  and place it on your web site.

* How to get quality web hosting for $2.00 per domain
  complete with autoresponders, traffic log files, plenty of
  megs, referrer logs, full ftp access, cgi bin -- everything
  you need.

* Plus many other topics.  You'll learn all about:
  lead generation, page content, ftp, ICQ, chat software,
  getting testimonials, opt-in forms, order forms, payment
  processing, autoresponders, databases, associate programs,
  sending out emails, associate programs, visitor tracking,
  reseller's tools, email management, paying resellers, virtual
  customer service, and getting publicity.

You can get complete details and a chapter-by-chapter
breakdown at: WebSite Power System

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6- Doctor's Advice


Opt-in email is when you get a message that you have asked to
receive.  Spam is a commercial message you don't want and never
asked to receive.

Simple enough?  Not exactly.  Every day I hear from people that
are confused between opt-in and spam.  And with good
justification. The definitions vary from one person to the next
and shift over time.

Back in 1996 when I started my online business, it was perfectly
acceptable to send email to the address of anyone who sent email
to you.  If you emailed a question to me, I answered it AND put
your address on my newsletter list.

Today that would get you in spamming trouble ASAP.

Most of the "safe" lists you hear about are actually spam lists.
Sure, using them will likely get your site removed, but you also
won't get any response.  These days people instantly know spam
from other email and delete it in the blink of an eye.  It's the
norm to send spam to one or two million addresses and get zero

Good bets for legitimate opt-in lists are yesmail.com,
postmasterdirect.com, and bulletmail.com.  An even better opt-in
strategy, in my opinion, is to send your message to newsletter
lists.  Get an ad, sponsored ad (usually goes at the top of the
newsletter), or a solo mailing (your sales letter goes all by
itself to the list of subscribers.)  Pick a newsletter that
consistently features good, helpful information.  That's a
newsletter whose readers pay close attention to what it says.

Make more sales with professional web copy and sales letters.
DrNunley's office of top writers create sizzling copy fast and
at low cost.  See our special package prices for writing multiple
pages at: DrNunley.com

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7. Rant

I hate anti-spammers about as much as spammers. It's hard to tell
who does more damage. Here is a lovely little rant from Paul
Myers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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8- Useful Links

WebPosition Gold - Site Optimization Software

TrafficSeeker - Mega-Submitter

MYSS! - The Internet Selling Manual

Dr. Nunley - Never Underestimate the Power of Words

ScamFree Zone - "Internet Success Blueprint"

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