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1. Editor's Notes

2. Feature Article - How to Get Your Free Product

3. Software Review - Email Remover

4. Doctor's Advice - Long Term Search Engine Promotion

5. Ezine review - ScamBusters

6. Back to School - Affiliate Masters Course

7. Useful Links


1- Editor's Notes

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter. In this issue you'll
find instructions for saving up to 50% on the top marketing tools
on the Internet. You can take advantage of this knowing that
these products are a bargain even at full price. You get a no
questions ask money back guarantee. You can't loose but you'll
surely profit from their use!

-The Editor
The FlashMarketing Newsletter

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2- Feature Article

How to Get Your Free Product

I'm happy to say that the "Two-for-One" SiteSell! products sale
is now underway. I'd like to thank Ken Evoy for helping us
celebrate the launch of "The FlashMarketing Newsletter." Such
huge savings on the products we need to succeed is a nice gift!

Here's the deal. You need to make your initial purchase anytime
from today, May 20, 2002 through Thursday May 30, 2002. It's a
10-day sale. Your initial purchase must be equal or the higher
priced of the two. All SiteSell! products are eligible ... even
"Site Build it!"

After you purchase, all you have to do is send an e-mail to Shawn
at shawn@sitesell.com
In the e-mail, please include:

o  your first and last name

o  your e-mail address (this is where we will send the
   download/welcome instructions)

o  the order number of the product (obtained at time of
   purchase and also found in the download/welcome e-mail)

o  the date of purchase and the name of promotion
   (The FlashMarketing Newsletter Launch 2-for-1 Sale)

o  which product you want for free (remember, it must be

If you didn't have a chance to look over the products and free
trials, see the last issue of The FlashMarketing Newsletter here:

Here are the product sites:

* Make Your Site Sell 2002! (MYSS!2002)

* Make Your Knowledge Sell! (MYKS!)

* Make Your Price Sell! (MYPS!)

* Make Your Words Sell! (MYWS!)

* Make Your Net Auction Sell! (MYNAS!)

* Site Build It!

Please don't delay. This sale only last 10 days then it's over.

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3- Software Review

Email Remover

Email Remover is a simple little freeware program I've been using
for years. It will delete email without downloading it from the

TrafficSeeker Platinum has the ability to submit your URL to over
700,000 FFA sites. That produces an incredible amount of
autoresponder spam.

Start by creating a POP account such as to86it@trafficseeker-
platinum.com for example. Use this email address only when you
submit to FFA pages or other spam sources.

Once you feel you have a bunch of spam you can open Email Remover
and delete all the emails in that POP with a couple of clicks.
It's so much easier than a HotMail account.

Download Email Remover 2.4 here:(202kb)

TrafficSeeker has separate form fields in the submitter module to
enter your regular email address and a junk email address. This
keeps your regular email address safe from FFA spam. If you don't
have TrafficSeeker yet, download a free trial here:

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4- Doctor's Advice

Long Term Search Engine Promotion

No matter how much advertising and promotion we do, it
seems at least half the visitors to our sites come from
search engines.  Excite, AltaVista, HotBot, DogPile and
others show up in our server logs again and again.

Since search engines are mostly interested in original
information, give it to them on a regular basis.  Each
week--or as often as you can--write a page of instructions,
put it on your site, and register the page with all the major
search engines.

Note I said "page of instructions."  You don't have to be an
expert writer.  Search engine computers won't judge your
page on style, grammar, or even spelling (although it helps
with human readers if you do your best).  The main thing is
that your copy is original.  If the search engine computer
has already seen the exact same copy on someone else's
site, you probably won't get a listing.

Include the search word people will use to find you in the
title of your page.  Include that word or phrase again
several times in the copy toward the top of your page.

  [Editors Note] - You'll find no better tool to
  optimize your new pages for the search engines
  than WebPosition Gold. Download free trial at:

Make more sales with professional web copy and sales letters.
DrNunley's office of top writers create sizzling copy fast and
at low cost.  See our special package prices for writing multiple
pages at: DrNunley.com

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5- Ezine Review


ScamBusters is a free monthly ezine dedicated to exposing
Internet scams, misinformation and hype that are costing
entrepreneurs a fortune.

It is a must if you are new to the Internet. Even if you've been
around for a while, it's interesting to see what the scamsters
have created lately.

View the current issue here:

To subscribe, send a blank email to
or visit:

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6- Back to School

Affiliate Masters Course

Considered to be one of the best guides to profiting from
affiliate program at any price ... and it's free!

	"... the most comprehensive resource is Ken
	 Evoy's free, intensive five-day "Affiliate
	 Masters" course.  It is probably the best
	 single resource on affiliate programs. We've
	 read a lot of stuff on affiliate programs,
	 and this one is exceptional -- HIGHLY

             -Net-guru Audri Langford
       (of wz.com)

This course holds nothing back. It will help you increase
affiliate sales with a powerful, successful traffic-building and
sales-generating strategy. It comes in PDF or a 5-day email

Download the self-extracting zip file here:

Save it to your desktop then double-click on it.

If you need help with this or need the free reader there are
instructions earlier in this newsletter.

If you'd rather have it as a 5-day email course, send
a blank email to: mailto:tamsflash1@sitesell.net

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7- Useful Links

WebPosition Gold - Submitting your sites does no good if it's not
good enough to be listed on the first couple of pages. Optimize
it with:

TrafficSeeker - Mega-Submitter - 700,000+ sites.

MYSS! - The Internet Selling Manual

Dr. Nunley - Never Underestimate the Power of Words

ScamFree Zone - "Internet Success Blueprint" - Highly Recommend.

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