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It is common sense to take a method and try it.
If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all, try something.

- Franklin D. Roosevelt



1. Editor's Notes

2. Feature Article - Regain Your Motivation

3. Software Review - WebPosition Gold 2 Is Finally Here

4. Doctor's Advice - Pick Up Where Others Give Up

5. Useful Links


1- Editor's Notes

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter. For some of us,
it's hard to get motivated during the summer slowdown. Let
Wendy's article inspire you to improve your business.

The most efficient marketing method for most online businesses is
the free targeted traffic available from the major search
engines. Why not take this time to optimize your site.
WebPosition Gold 2

The heart of search engine optimization is picking the correct
keywords. Here is a great article on keywords. Re-read it!

Most important of all ... relax, be cool, and enjoy the summer!

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2- Feature Article

Regain Your Motivation
by Wendy Hearn

Do you feel your motivation has diminished recently?  Or do
you feel at the moment that it's gone completely?  Do you
wonder how you'll ever get it back?

It often happens that many people find their motivation
decreasing or disappearing altogether.  When this happens
you tend to feel stuck and you're not really moving forward.
You may feel frustrated because you're not making any
progress.  Seeing yourself making progress is one way to be
motivated.  But if that's not there, it becomes a vicious
circle, because when you're not making progress, you don't
feel motivated and vice versa.

When you want to increase your motivation, it's worth
remembering that there's a difference between it and
inspiration.  Motivation is an external source which
encourages you and gives you ideas.  Inspiration comes from
within and the encouragement and ideas are your own.  When
it comes from within, you own it and will feel inspired.
When you feel inspired you'll take action and taking action
is the key to achieving what you want, whether it's
increasing your business, making changes in your life or
progressing towards your dreams.

So, we're really looking to increase your inspiration here
and not necessarily just to motivate you.  I've found that
people's inspiration drops when they've been doing the same
thing over and over again for some time.  You may feel
you're stuck in a rut; it's become a bit of a drag.  If
you're feeling this way, it's no wonder your inspiration
has decided to 'wander off'.

Sometimes you just need to take a break or have a rest from
what you're doing and your inspiration may well come back.
This break also allows you to re-assess what you've been
doing and not doing.  Perhaps then you'll see there are
some changes you want to make, perhaps deciding to
implement a different strategy or action plan.

Taking a break will mean different things to different
people and you need to determine for yourself what this
break will be.  Perhaps, you'll decide take a day or a
week off work, to play and have fun.  Or you may decide
to go for a brisk walk.  I'm even inclined to suggest to
you that, while taking this break, you tell yourself that
you're not allowed to do or think about anything related
to work or whatever it is that you're taking a break from.
It's surprising how much most of us react to being told we
can't do or have something.  The rebellious part of us
often surfaces and wants to fight it.

Taking a break from whatever it is you've been doing will
probably make you feel apprehensive.  All your fears about
how much you have to get done, you're wasting time, what
if I don't want to go back to doing this, are likely to
surface.  It's a natural reaction, but the fear is usually
much worse than the reality.  You need to trust yourself,
face up to the fears and know that you can handle any

After a break, you'll feel refreshed and when you feel
refreshed, your enthusiasm and inspiration will return.
Then, you'll be ready to start moving forward again.

What I want for you is to take a break and allow your
inspiration and desire for life and business to return
to you naturally.

Wendy Hearn works with business owners, professionals, executives
and managers who are ready to enrich their lives. . . finding
more success, fun, balance, joy and time.  She coaches one-to-one
with individuals and groups by telephone and email.

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3- Software Review

"Typical of the professionalism of FirstPlace Software, they've
waited to release WebPosition Gold 2 until all possible bugs
could be found and corrected, so it seems like forever that we've
been waiting for this release. However, for those of us "die
hard" Gold fans, the wait has been well worth it. ....WebPosition
Gold will remain one of my favorite and most used programs in my
arsenal of search engine marketing software."

Robin R. Nobles. July 2002.
Author of Maximize Web Site Traffic and Co-Founder of Search
Engine Work Shops.

Read the full review Here

Go to the WebPosition Gold 2 website and download the trial:
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4- Doctor's Advice

Pick Up Where Others Give Up
by Kevin Nunley

Pick Up Where Others Give Up

Pick up USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street
Journal, even your local paper and you will see headline
after headline about the problems big websites are having.

Many million dollar start-ups are now running out of
venture funding.  Every day big ecommerce firms are
admitting they aren't profitable, won't be any time soon,
and are closing their doors.

This represents a big opportunity for the rest of us.  Most of
these failed ventures were well researched and had solid
hopes of earning a billion when they started (otherwise they
wouldn't have gotten investors to fork over millions).

For one reason or another, the firm wasn't able to make the
idea work.  Some hired too many employees, others wasted
millions on poorly executed ad campaigns, and a few went
down because of slow-loading websites.  Some companies
were ahead of their time and ran out of money before
people figured out what they were doing.

This tip is simple.  Watch the headlines.  Look for good
ideas that run out of steam.  Grab those ideas and the
customers that like them.  It very well may be the fifth,
tenth, or fifteenth person who tries a business who finally
earns a billion dollars.

Site not selling?  It's the copy.  Kevin will rewrite, edit,
tweak, and add-to your website copy to pull visitors in and
get them to buy.  Free evaluation.
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5- Useful Links

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ScamFree Zone - "Internet Success Blueprint" - Highly Recommend.

eBook: "How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as
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