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"The future depends on what we do in the present."

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1. Editor's Notes 

2. Feature Article - Going Long--Determining the Appropriate Length 
   for Your Web Copy 

3. Announcing - Website design and hosting

4. Doctor's Advice - Get Referral Businesses  

5. Useful Links


1- Editor's Notes 

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2- Feature Article 

Going Long--Determining the Appropriate Length for Your Web Copy
- By Keller Flynn 
So, you're ready to begin filling all that empty space on your 
website with the words that will motivate your prospects to buy.
But before you start, you must consider one crucial question: 
What is the appropriate length for your web copy?
First of all, consider the facts: 
1. Long copy is proven to outsell short copy 
2. People don't like to read long copy
You might have noticed that these two facts present contradictory 
information. Which one is true? Both of them.
People don't like to read long copy about things they aren't 
truly interested in buying. If your prospect is actually 
interested in what you offer, he/she will want all the details. 
If your copy geared toward generating leads, then you don't need 
to pack your copy with details. You should highlight only the 
main selling points.
The number of features and benefits a product or service has is 
also a determining factor in length of copy. If the product or 
service you are writing about is chock full of benefits and 
features that your prospects will be interested in, then your 
copy should be longer to highlight as many as possible.
If your product is something simple that doesn't have an excess 
of selling qualities, stick to shorter copy. Don't try to fluff 
it up to make it longer. Keep the length appropriate to the 
amount of sellable features.
Length of copy also depends on your audience. Some customers 
don't need a lot of information to motivate their purchase. 
Others want to know it all and don't mind reading a lot of text. 
For instance, when Playboy was marketing their book club, they 
tested out different sales copy lengths, from one page to twelve 
pages. Their customers preferred the longer copy, which is not 
surprising as anyone who wants to join a book club doesn't mind 
If you want to cater to both types of audiences with the length 
of your web copy, include a one page sales letter on the home 
page (keep paragraphs short and to the point) and delve into more 
features and benefits on the features page.
However, you may lose some prospects who want it all on the first 
page and don't want to wait for another page to load. Some people 
are still on 56k, you know. So if you want to avoid losing those 
prospects, put a long sales letter on your front page, but be 
sure to break it up with plenty of headings and subheadings so 
the reader doesn't get lost in a sea of copy.
In short, your web copy, or any sales copy for that matter, 
should contain just enough information to convince the greatest 
number of prospects to take the next step.
Keller Flynn writes sales making sales letters at DrNunley's Get your 900 word sizzling sales letter for 
print, email, or your web site for a great low price. We'll have 
it in your hands within a few days. See more of Keller's services 
Reach Keller at or 801-328-9006.

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3- Announcing

Website design and hosting

FlashMarketing is getting into the website design and hosting 
business. We haven't posted a fee schedule yet. We want to build 
a portfolio and earn some good testimonials. 

A friend of mine that became quite successful once told me, "You 
can't charge for the amount of time it takes you to do a new project. 
You will profit when you can do the same task quickly in the future."

If you are interested in a website let me know. I will make you a 
great deal. You are not obligated.
Hosting and design
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4- Doctor's Advice

Get Referral Businesses
Many businesses have the misconception that if you do a good job
with your product or services, the referrals will come
automatically.  This may happen sometimes, but not usually.
Self-sustaining businesses are the result of a constant effort to
get referrals.

Your most reliable source of business is the clients you have
now. They can get the word out about why someone should buy what
you have to offer more effectively than any other form of
advertising  You can't directly control the negative or positive
things people say about you, but you can help. Here are some ways
to make sure you have consistent customer referrals.
*Make sure that every experience customers have with your
business is positive. You can accomplish this by remembering the
phrase "the customer's always right." Always provide the best
quality of service you can. And make sure that you are willing to
accept full responsibility if anything goes wrong on your end.

*Make customers happy! Putting forth a little extra effort will
gradually produce amazing results. Remember that the more you
give, the more you get.
*Let your customers know you want referrals.  Often, customers
don't even realize that they can provide you with referrals. And
even if they do, they won't do anything without some sign or
request from you. Don't pressure or beg them, simply let your
customers know how much referrals help your business.
Never take referrals for granted! Your business may be on top and
self-sustaining now, but you never know what might happen. Never
lose sight of the fact that the customers are who keep you in

Kevin writes your sales letter, web site copy, or autoresponder
messages so they get response.  He can write any style and on
any subject.  See Kevin's writing deals at:   

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5- Useful Links 

EZ - Like a web based TrafficSeeker Platinum

WebPosition Gold 2- Submitting your sites does no good if it's not 
good enough to be listed on the first couple of pages. Optimize 
it with: 

TrafficSeeker - Mega-Submitter - 799,000+ sites.

MYSS! - The Internet Selling Manual (Bible) 

Dr. Nunley - Killer Copy - Never Underestimate the Power of Words 

ScamFree Zone - "Internet Success Blueprint" - Highly Recommend. 

eBook: "How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as
little as 7 Days"

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