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Pay for Ranking Search Engines - NOT!

Review from: "The FlashMarketing Newsletter"

A New Twist on Pay-Per-Click
Sumantra Roy, search engine positioning guru and owner of 1st Search Engine, has started a new and valuable service. It's a PPC program, but unlike Overture or Google , you only pay 5 cents/click.

1st Search is a top SEO company but the prices, starting at $1499, are a bit high for a small business on a limited budget. Although Sumantra had to increase the initial deposit from $150 to $500 because of the large demand for this service, it is still a great deal. You get 10,000 highly targeted visitors for $500.

How is this Possible? They own the domain and optimize it for your keywords. They take care of hosting the pages. Clicks are tracked by an independent 3rd party tracking service.

Of course you can hire them to place your site at the top of the search engines and you maintain ownership. The PPC program is for the smaller budget.

What are the Advantages Over Other Pay for Ranking Search Engines?

  • Top spots in Overture and Google's AdWords Select for good keywords are far more than 5 cents.

  • Major search engines display the PPC (pay-per-click) under a heading such as "Sponsored Sites" or "Featured Sites" which are thought of as Ads. The 1st Search program is part of the regular results and produce a better conversion rate.

  • The title and descriptions are not governed by the Pay for Ranking Search Engines. You will have better titles and descriptions so you get more targeted traffic increasing the value of the click.

  • Overture doesn't allow you to link using an affiliate link, 1st Search does.

Find out all about this exciting new program at:
1st Search Engine

I wouldn't wait too long on this one.

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Pay for Ranking Search Engines - NOT!

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