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FlashMarketing Security

Thanks to the press, security for on-line transmission of credit card information is an overblown issue. It is a whole lot safer than handing over your card to a cashier at the department store or giving information over a cell phone that anyone can listen to with a standard scanner.

Can you imagine a hacker trying to grab an encrypted 16 digit number, plus the name and expiration date that go along with it, out of the zillions of bits of information flying around the Internet at any given moment. It is possible but not very likely.

U.S. federal law, specifically the Fair Credit Billing Act, limits credit card liability to a maximum of $50 for fraud per occurrence. You can also dispute the charges while they are being researched. Unless you have lost the physical card or have been irresponsible with its use, most credit card companies don't assess the $50 fee.

The FlashMarketingtm shopping cart is on a secured server using standard Internet SSL protocol to encrypt information (40-bit). Encryption is the process of coding your message before it leaves your computer. To decode the message, the computer that receives your coded message must have the correct "key" in order for decoding to take place.

All transactions conducted through the shopping cart are secured and authenticated. The server hosting the shopping cart utility encodes all product and sales requests and notifies me of the transaction. I must access a secured document before reading the order information... no credit card data or other personal items are transmitted insecurely in the process.

With online card processing no credit card information is passed to me; all orders are authorized in real-time before an order is allowed to be completed. The server obtains credit card authorization for merchants directly from the credit card processing system used by banks via a dedicated link with this system. The communications link (The core of the entire system) is completely proprietary. There is a multi step process that I am happy to go through to "charge back" to your card in case you need a refund.

So if all that doesn't convince you, . . .
FlashMarketingtm will reimburse any money you may loose due to fraudulent use of your credit card information attained from a transaction on this site.

I never hesitate to use my card online and find the convenience of shopping in my underwear satisfying. Sometime it seems that I'm more apt to find what I want online.

If you have any questions or comments on these or any other matters let me know.


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