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The easiest way to earn cash.
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Website Design and Hosting

FlashMarketing has been in the business of selling search engine solutions for the past 6 years. We�ve gotten very good at it. The biggest problem we see with most sites is their design. If you can�t find your way around, the search engine spider may have a problem also. Your site must be search engine friendly and also grab the potential customer quickly.

Lucky for you:

We have decided to enter the website design and hosting business. This is good news for you. We will get you started on the right foot while saving you a ton of money.

We want you to succeed for a couple of reasons. From a business standpoint, if you are making money, you�ll keep hosting with us, upgrade to a better plan when your business demands more power, and most of all you'll recommend us! From a spiritual standpoint, it is vital to help others with your money and your time. All religions teach it. All wealthy people know it. Also, it makes you feel good!

I haven�t put up a fee schdule yet. I need a portfolio and some great testimonials. So I�m ready to make you a great deal. I will build you a four page website to your liking for $99. You furnish the domain name or I will get it for you for $14 additional for the first year. Hosting is $8.98/mo. In the near future you will be able to upgrade to a bigger plan if you like.

If you need a logo, I'll create one for $25. Final aprovial is yours.

Some examples

Call me or email and lets get a thread going. I'm ready to make you a happy customer!
Phone:(800) 482-1804

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