Yahoo Submission: How to get listed at number one under your keywords in two weeks

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Yahoo Submission: How to get listed at number one under your keywords in two weeks

Yahoo exposed - Yahoo submission guide

A Yahoo submission is probably the most cost effective "targeted traffic" generating strategy available. I'm a little resentful since they rejected my last submission, then made the large fee to submit a business site a yearly recurring fee! The author of "Yahoo! Exposed," Neil Shearing, does the math to prove that a good Yahoo listing is a huge value for you. (If you're serious about doing business online)

Fact is he'll show exactly how he achieved a number one listing under a killer keyword in two weeks using 10 easy steps. From picking out the perfect domain name to showing you a screen shot of his server log. It's so simple it's beautiful.

The ebook is short, compact and meaty. There's no fluff or filler, just an exact step-by-step blueprint the likes of which Neil is famous for.

Allan Gardyne

Neil will take you by the hand and show you exactly how he landed a submission to Yahoo on the top spot in just 14 days. This is the easies way to discover how SEO's are getting $299 all day long for Yahoo submissions.

I am just plain excited to offer you this easy to understand plan for a top placement in Yahoo. (also works for LookSmart, ODP etc.) I'm giving it to everyone that buys WebPosition Gold or TrafficSeeker as a bonus. The bonus will pay for the software many times. Not bad!

If you just want the "Yahoo exposed", I will give you a killer deal. For the next few days, you can get it here for only $19! (normally $49) Act now before it more than doubles.

I'll even throw in a Free bonus: "How *Not* To Design A Webpage!" by Neil Shearing. You need your site right when Yahoo looks at it. This article shows you how!

Of course this is unconditionally guaranteed or your money back. You can even keep: "How *Not* To Design A Webpage!"

Just click the button below and in no time you will be an expert at proper Yahoo submission:

Yahoo exposed!

($19) Deal!
As soon as I get you order I will send you instructions.
Thank you for your business!

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